Covid-19 DNA altering

Those who think that the Covid-19 vaccine will modify thier DNA should see it as an opportunity! A post making a series of false claims about the novel coronavirus pandemic has been circulating online. The post claims: “All of those considering taking… this vaccine...You recognise that this permanently and irreversibly changes your DNA?” This is false. Several COVID-19 vaccines use a new technology, but will not change DNA. 


A "conventional" live vaccine contains a weakened version of the living virus or bacteria, enabling the body to develop immunity. Some of the vaccines for the novel coronavirus are called RNA or mRNA vaccines, because they involve the injection of a small part of the virus’s genetic code (RNA) to stimulate immune response in a patient without an infection.

Most claims refer to a version of a now-deleted, widely shared YouTube video of Dr Andrew Kaufman, a "natural healing consultant" in an interview with Spiro Skouras, an online-personality and “independent researcher” with a popular YouTube channel. Despite all this fine labeling this individuals can easy named major nutcases!

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