Hate - Love Relationship

I got that guy I have this hate-love or better, to keep in square, hate-acquaintanceship connection with. Could not call that guy Sven B.-Weiler a friend cause he did take me for some rides int he past that cost me dearly (in a low 5 digit $ US amount spread over 4-5 occurrence in like +/- 5 years). I never wanted to freelance for that guy again.

About 2-3 years later, in September 2015, a few month back he approached me again. "Everything is different", "he seen the mistakes made in past" burning me and so on....

3 month later I'm like that guy in video..... working with people that have no knowledge. Totally incompetent zero's. That's his team..... and I'm a squirrel. I must be stupid.....


Shit people say In Ubers

With the arrival of Uber, a whole new world of small talk has opened up. Brilliantly captured in this video by Aussie comedians Danny and Sean - Shit people say In Ubers is the realest shit you've seen this week!

Be warned, this video has NSFW language.


Cuck Norris beat Van Dame 7 times

This got to be the best #Worldcup poster seen so far. Roflmao
When Jean-Claude van Damme was born Chuck Norris had already beaten him 7 times!


Cooking my pets

I like cooking my family and my pets -reads like I wrote it...!! So I better learn as well to use commas