President elect twitter sociopath

If your president-elect spends more time on Twitter than he does on preparing for the highest office in the land, you just might have f*cked up, America

He must have more time on Twitter than on national security briefings considering the way he acts with other global players


Not the smartest move

Pickup truck drag racing fail. Not the best driving skills on display. There was plenty of space to safe that hick-up......


Best of stupid worthy

There we got an entry worth for our collection here. How to take a car/jeep fopr somethings it was not build for and ruin it. There is no other say for it as stupid!!


Hate - Love Relationship

I got that guy I have this hate-love or better, to keep in square, hate-acquaintanceship connection with. Could not call that guy Sven B.-Weiler a friend cause he did take me for some rides int he past that cost me dearly (in a low 5 digit $ US amount spread over 4-5 occurrence in like +/- 5 years). I never wanted to freelance for that guy again.

About 2-3 years later, in September 2015, a few month back he approached me again. "Everything is different", "he seen the mistakes made in past" burning me and so on....

3 month later I'm like that guy in video..... working with people that have no knowledge. Totally incompetent zero's. That's his team..... and I'm a squirrel. I must be stupid.....